lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014


Last June my boyfriend won a menu in Can Jepet's restaurant situated in a little village called Setcases with a instagram photo contest organised by Patronat Costa Brava Prineu. 
We have waited until these last day to enjoy the snow. 
On the top of the village there's Vallter 2000 a perfect place to ski and practise all kind ofmountain sport. 

After spending the morning making snowmen, snowball war and a lot of photos we went to the restaurant. 

Look what we ate!!!! Amazing and delicious!

Salad with tomato, ham, potato & co. 

Scallops with artichokes. 

Potato foam with poached eggs, mushroms & beef sausage. 

Cod with tomato sauce. 

Venison with raspberry sauce. 

Gintonic 2.0

Tangerine ice-cream with caramel. 

Textures of chocolate. 

Thank you so much Can Jepet to offer this amazing tasting menu ! We will come back early. 

sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014


Today I want to share with all of you my first aupair experience! 

You don't know what is this? 

Well, work as an aupair is go to live with a family in other country and took care of their children, do some housework and prepare all meals, take the children to school and pick up in the afternoon. 
Each family explain what they need and for how long. 
Before to decide to go, I did a skype with family to see them and ask little doubts that I had about them and they about me. 
In my case I found a family for the summer, and I had a good luck because they spend summer in the south of France 4h by car from Girona, so I went by car with my mum. 

I started on 28th may of 2010 until 30 August. 

Parents were young, Pascal was a footballer and Emilie didn't work. They had two little princess Milla of 6 month and Lou 3 years old. 

I had my own bedroom with a shower and a closet. 

The house was amazing, look that swimming pool! I spend a lot of time swimming with girls. 

In June they took me on vacations with them to Turkey, in ClubMed Palmyre. I couldn't belive!! 
What a big resort, with a lot of swimming pools , private beaches,...

I saw a turkish show inside the Clubmed. 

One week later when we were in France again, my friends came to visit me and I has two days free with them. 
We visited Royan and spend all day in the beach and Aix-en Provence in the afternoon and night. 

With the visit of my family I visited Cassis. A little fisherman village.

In August I travel by car to Nancy, were I spend one week with the family before to finish my work as an aupair. 

Stanislau square. 

Playing with Lou. 

During all this months I learned a lot of french and to be independent. So if you want to have the best experience of your life, travel and discover new people and new cultures don't think twice and do it.
Register in  Aupairworldand find your the best family for you and enjoy! 

But don't forget that you have to love children because you will spend all hours with them! 

Thanks family to be part of my first aupair experinece and to be so kind with me all the time. 

Happy sunday !